Huge Untapped Market!

Ask yourself, “who else has packaged together an exciting and profitable Virtual Reality concept that is ready to be accepted by everyone throughout the U.S.?”
Our answer; slim to none!

Own Your Own Business

With VR Junkies, you can start your own business in a growing market by taking advantage of our streamlined franchise opportunity.

You’ll immediately benefit from the power of VR Junkies brand name and our years of experience offering successful entertainment to people of all ages.

If you have management experience, a sociable attitude and are willing to invest in how to get an emotional support animal an established brand in an untapped industry segment, please consider joining the VR Junkies franchise team.


VR Junkies locations have between six to ten state of the art VR Booths that offer a cutting edge experience. The facility is set up with 10′ x 10′ booths that provide plenty of play space, while just a few feet away there is comfortable seating for friends and family to watch and enjoy. VR Junkies strives to ensure that there is a game or experience for everyone. We are continually adding to our list of game licenses to ensure we can provide entertainment for all age groups.

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